Bookbinding and printing press | Tholos

The industrial bookbinding and printing press sector has to face up to enormous challenges on account of the era of digital development and the increasing use of the internet as an alternative means of communication to printed paper.
In this context development of this sector cannot be disregarded when considering the energy cost incidence on the final product as a factor to limit in order to guarantee sustainability over time and improve a company’s income.

By identifying savings opportunities with detailed analyses of processes and constant monitoring of the company’s energy system performance, the points of intervention can be identified and can thus maximise efficiency and simultaneously reduce energy costs.

A few possible interventions:

  • high-temperature heat recovery
  • optimising operation of rotary press machines with automatic management and control systems
  • installation of inverters on motors
  • installation of automatic computerised control systems for various process phases
  • installation of high-efficiency compressors
  • installation of cogeneration systems.