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With over a million hectolitres produced, Carlsberg is currently Italy’s third biggest beer manufacturer and boasts a portfolio of brands, both national and international, that are highly regarded and known around the world, such as Carlsberg, Tuborg, Birrificio Angelo Poretti, Grimbergen, Kronenbourg 1664.


The energy efficiency intervention consisted of optimising energy cooking processes of the must by installing a heat recovery system. Since 2008, Carlsberg in Varese has gradually refurbished its premises in order to increase production and, at the same time, limit the thermal and electrical requirements. With this viewpoint, various production process departments were renewed, paying particular attention to the cooking process of wort, which has been the subject of an important energy efficiency intervention that has enabled considerable savings of natural gas used to produce the thermal energy required for the production process. The energy efficiency intervention carried out has provided for the installation of an enthalpy recovery system contained in the vapours emitted by the wort when boiling in the cooking boiler, thus enabling thermal energy process consumption reductions, natural gas.

The intervention has globally had positive effects on the entire production process of beer as a result from saving natural gas used to generate thermal energy, which is used directly in other beer production process departments.