Cartiera Giusta Srl | Tholos

Cartiera Giusta is a paper company that manufactures paper for hygiene and domestic use.


The intervention was carried out and entirely financed by Tholos by way of the F.A.R.E. service, thanks to which a new recovery boiler (air/steam exchanger) was installed at the paper mill, which is supplied by recovery of high enthalpy thermal waste that would otherwise be dispersed into the air. The contract formula used is an Energy Performance Contract (EPC), which guarantees results in terms of energy saving and sharing with the client. Dividing the savings obtained by the paper mill covers the first 5 years of the intervention. At the end of the said period, the client will become the sole proprietor/beneficiary of the intervention and energy saving that it will be able to generate in the future. The energy efficiency intervention was carried out without using any of the paper mill’s capital. In fact, Tholos made investments of approximately 350,000 euro to purchase exchangers, fume systems, new steam lines, measuring instruments, all accessories for the intervention (such as a condensate pump), as well as installing and testing the works covering mechanical, construction and functional works of the intervention.

The intervention was thus realised by a third-party company, a trusted partner, under the supervision and coordination of Tholos.