Ceramic and Bricks | Tholos

The ceramic sector, which is mainly centred around the production of floor tiles and coverings, is characterised by progressive changes in favour of new and more modern products that distinguish Made in Italy on international markets.
Natural gas consumption in the sector is equivalent to 1.5 billion cubic metres per annum and electricity consumption is approximately 1.8 TWh per annum. In its operating guide with regard to the production of ceramic floor tiles (January 2014), Enea estimates an energy cost incidence of approximately 20% on the end product.
In this economic context, it is essential to reconcile, in terms of energy efficiency, management of systems and processes with production requirements imposed by the market, which requires enormous flexibility in types and formats and quality of end products.

Among possible interventions, are:

  • installation of furnace and dryer auto-recovery systems
  • automatic management and control systems to adjust the flue flow rate and control humidity
  • furnace cooling air recovery
  • use of high-efficiency burners
  • optimising the structures of drying towers
  • insulation of all parts of the atomiser and set-up for furnace heat recovery
  • use of modular mills and optimising grinding parameters
  • high-efficiency cogeneration
  • installing inverters