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Competition in the food and beverages sector is strongly linked to production process performance and efficiency of the entire value chain, which is bound by particularly strict regulations regarding hygiene and control of products.
The theoretical energy saving potential to 2020 for the entire sector is estimated at approximately 21.8 TWh per annum 10% of which refers to savings obtained through electricity consumption and 90% on thermal consumption (Source: Data taken from Energy Efficiency Report – 2013). Reaching these objectives, and the need to ensure high reliability required by production systems, must coexist with continuous research and implementation of advanced technological solutions for the continuous improvement of the production flow, resulting in a reduction of energy consumption and minimised maintenance costs. Among possible efficiency interventions, there are:

  • installation of high-efficiency cogeneration systems
  • optimising compressed air production and distributions systems
  • production processes thermal recovery
  • steam mechanical recompression
  • installation of inverters on motors
  • installation of automatic monitoring and control systems of areas having more consumption.

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