Grafiche Mazzuchelli Spa | Tholos

Grafiche Mazzucchelli was founded in the 1970s and has developed to become one of the most important and highly regarded Italian printing companies today.
It specialises in offset and roto-offset printing of magazines, catalogues and advertising leaflets for leading publishing companies and large distributions, as well as for leading advertising agencies, banks, insurance agencies, tour operators, present in the Italian and European market.


In order to reduce consumption of electricity and natural gas required to cool the utilities of the rotary press and air conditioning of the production departments of the factory, a recovery system was installed on output from the thermal treatment system of gaseous emissions of 3 industrial rotary machines that work on a continuous cycle, 8000 hours/year. The heat recovery system supplies an absorbing chiller that produces cooling energy required for the rotary utilities, which need continuous cold water.

The chiller also supplies an air handler used for the air conditioning system in the rooms.