Masking Srl | Tholos

Masking Srl is an adhesive tape manufacturing industry that became part of the Sicad Group SPA in 1989.
Masking specialises in manufacturing masking tape typically used in construction, decoration, framework (paper mono-adhesive tape that can withstand high temperatures and can be easily removed) and a wide range of other applications.


Energy efficiency interventions were carried out at the premises of Masking srl, which provides a heat recovery system to demolish/recover hexane (solvent) for adhesive tape manufacturing. In particular, this intervention enables a reduction in natural gas consumption, which is required to generate steam used in the recovery process of the solvent.


Primary energy savings (natural gas) obtained annually are certified to be 785 TEP, which is equivalent to the average annual electricity consumption of 860 households.
Applying the Tau coefficient of durability, which is equivalent to 3.36, to these savings, the annual Certificati Bianchi are approximately 530, which, in five years of envisaged financial reporting amounts to an overall of 2.650 TEEs.