Pharmaceuticals | Tholos

The pharmaceutical sector is always extremely careful in progressing and improving in terms of energy efficiency, which is also due to training of staff in charge of the industry and great efforts of “governance” in the sector.
The pharmaceutical sector is also strongly regulated and requires tracked and controlled production.

The reported energy efficiency interventions are as follows:

  • electric motors supplied by inverters
  • optimising the compressor room and thermal control unit
  • optimising the steam-condensate system
  • process heat recovery
  • cogeneration.

Tholos has consolidated a business relationship with Federchimica, as a Sviluppo Chimica partner (service company entirely controlled by Federchimica).
Tholos is a partner of the European TACEC, Toward A Carbon Efficient Chemistry, program which was set up by Federchimica and Confindustria Veneto to integrate science, industry, management, public and private institutions in Italy more inclined to chemistry for better energy efficiency and sustainability.