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Press review

Efficienza energetica in food & beverage industry

27 October 2015

Article regarding Carlsberg case history, published in”Industrie delle bevande”.


Efficienza energetica: al servizio della crescita sostenibile

3 October 2015

Articolo comparso sul numero di settembre/ottobre della rivista ICF (Industria Chimica e Farmaceutica). Intervista all’ AD Michele Loi in occasione dei 10 anni di Tholos.


Special paper mill efficiency: savings funded

1 April 2015

Article published in the April issue of Industria della carta.


Tholos & Sika Polyurethane Manufactoring: we do efficiency

23 March 2015

Article from “Aziende e Dintorni” section that was published in La Termotecnica


We do efficiency

1 January 2015

Article from “in vetrina” section that was published in La Termotecnica


Interview to providers

23 December 2014

Interview by Industria della Carta to paper mills industry providers


Tholos, first mover among Esco

22 December 2014

Article that was published in the December issue of “La Termotecnica”


Energy efficiency measures and Certificati Bianchi

2 November 2014

Article published in ICP about the Sika Polyurethane Manufacturing case study


White Economy to produce PET

1 November 2014

Article published in ICP about a case study in the plastic materials industry.


More efficiency thanks to the discovery of hot air

2 October 2014

Article published in GT on the Cartiera Giusta case study, created thanks to F.A.R.E. service.


Certificati Bianchi: a growing business

1 October 2014

Article published in ICP with BOX in-depth analysis regarding Tholos and the Cartiera Giusta case study


White economy era

1 September 2014

Article published on Chimica e Ambiente, with an interview of AD and Fluorsid case study


White Economy in Pomezia

1 May 2014

Article published in Chimica & Industria


It’s time to White Economy

1 January 2014

Article published in ICP regarding Certificati Bianchi


Tholos accompanies greenhouse growers

1 December 2013

Article published in Agriforenergy with different case studies


Quotidiano Impresa interview

7 May 2013

Interview by Quotidiano impresa to the CEO of Tholos, Guerino Loi


Arpa Industriale energy efficiency

1 March 2013

Article published in Gestione Energia


Press releases

Acciaierie Bertoli Safau with Tholos to make the steel industry in line with the principles of White Economy

27 November 2015

Ten projects for the production of special steels in a sustainable manner, minimizing environmental impact and maximizing profits.


Acciaierie Bertoli Safau and Tholos received recognition FIRE – Certificati Bianchi for energy efficient industry

The work of the two companies to make the steel industry more in line with the principles of White Economy awarded during the Key Energy fair in Rimini .


Happy Birthday to Tholos! The italian ESCo turns 10

29 June 2015

A decade full of successes and plans for the white economy .
The Italian ESCo (Energy Service Company ) will celebrate its 10 years of activity.


UTILE ENERGIA: a help for food & beverages sector that guarantees efficiency and competitiveness .

18 May 2015

Among the companies that have chosen Utile Energia there is also Carlsberg Italy , the first and only certified EPD brewing company and recently present at Expo Milano , which reduced energy consumption by more 830 TEP / year.


Tholos in Bra for the Seminar “Obiettivo Efficienza energetica”

15 May 2015

On June 10 Bra becomes the centre for white economy for one day and hosts the conference “Obiettivo Efficienza Energetica”. The meeting will be held from 9:30 to 16:30 at the Albergo dell’Agenzia, Pollenzo – Bra (CN)


Change in management

11 February 2015

New appointments in the Board of Directors of Tholos: Michele Loi is the new CEO.


Tholos: award “Eccellenze Green”

18 November 2014

Tholos is awarded the “first mover” amongst outstanding companies of the green economy 2.0


Seminar: Obiettivo Efficienza Energetica Bologna

6 November 2014

Tholos in Bologna on 11 November for the seminar “Obiettivo Efficienza Energetica”, innovative solutions for excellence to obtain TEEs.


Tholos customer satisfaction

18 September 2014

Approximately 80% of clients have noted company image benefits, and 100% would recommend these services to other companies.


Tholos at the Aticelca congress

25 May 2014

Tholos presents a case of successful paper production process efficiency during the Aticelca conference.


Seminar: Obiettivo Efficienza Energetica Pomezia

10 April 2014

Pomezia speaks about the White Economy. On 16 April, Tholos takes part in the seminar “Obiettivo efficienza energetica”, new developments and solutions for energy efficiency.


Cleantech awards

10 December 2013

Tholos amongst the top twenty in green excellence 2013. Recognition was achieved by virtue of recorded growth and the company’s mission


Tholos at Green Finance Day

5 December 2013

Tholos will attend Green Finance Day, innovation and work with the Green Economy, which will be held on 9 December in Rome.


Tholos at Amici della Terra conference

22 November 2013

Tholos will attend the 5th edition of “La ripresa vuole efficienza” (Recovery needs efficiency), which is organised by Amici della Terra


Seminar: Obiettivo Efficienza Energetica Padova

25 October 2013

Tholos takes the White Economy to Padova for the seminar on energy efficiency and Certificati Bianchi


Tholos at Smart Energy Expo

5 October 2013

Tholos presents energy saving projects, which are also financed up to 100%, at Smart Energy Expo Verona


WE Do advertising campaign

10 September 2013

“W.E. Do efficiency. Welcome to the white economy”, the new Tholos communication campaign


Tholos at AITA congress

24 June 2013

Tholos will participate in the AITA seminar on 2 July regarding technological innovations in the food industry, which will be held in Milan


Sviluppo Chimica/Federchimica & Tholos

22 May 2013

Sviluppo Chimica S.p.A., a service company entirely controlled by Federchimica, and Tholos have started a joint business relationship.

Seminar: Obiettivo Efficienza Energetica Cavenago 2

18 April 2013

Yesterday at the seminar on “Obiettivo Efficienza Energetica” , solutions and tangible examples to obtain Certificati Bianchi were presented


Seminar: Obiettivo Efficienza Energetica Cavenago

On 18 April, a seminar will be held regarding innovative solutions aimed at obtaining Certificati Bianchi


In Media Res Comunicazione will manage the press office for Tholos

1 March 2013

Tholos entrusts the Roman agency, In Media Res Comunicazione, with press office management activities