3.4 Chemistry and petrolchemistry

Chemistry and petrolchemistry companies have approximately 21.6 TWhe/annum of electric consumption and thermal consumption is equivalent to approximately 25.4 TWhth/annum. An incidence of energy costs of approximately 25% of total production costs is also estimated. (Sources: Energy Efficiency Report -2013 – Energy & Strategy Group – Politecnico di Milano and Energy Efficiency Manual in PMI Chemistry – CARE+ Project – Federchimica).
Focusing on efficiency reduces the burden of energy bills, improves the net profit of the company and its impact on the environment, which can be used as a marketing tool to enhance products.
Monitoring and optimising the use of energy in the chemistry and petrolchemistry industry and managing energy costs is therefore essential for competitiveness in the long run.

Tholos has consolidated a business relationship with Federchimica, as a Sviluppo Chimica partner (service company entirely controlled by Federchimica).
Tholos is a partner of the European TACEC, Toward A Carbon Efficient Chemistry, program which was set up by Federchimica and Confindustria Veneto to integrate science, industry, management, public and private institutions in Italy more inclined to chemistry for better energy efficiency and sustainability.

In this sector, some possible interventions, are:

  • tail gas recovery coming from the production cycle
  • thermal recovery by means of steam tapping and exothermic process reactions
  • installation of gas combined cycle cogeneration systems
  • installation of inverters on motors.

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