Utile energia

Obtaining and managing Energy Efficiency Certificate (TEE)

The service of Utile Energia is aimed at companies that are envisaging energy upgrade interventions for their industrial systems.
The company that chooses Utile Energia Energy has access to the White Certificates mechanism together with Tholos, thus discovering all the advantages of the White Economy.
Tholos, by means of a detailed, technical evaluation, identifies the best solution for the system’s energy efficiency, and takes care of the necessary administrative procedures to obtain the TEEs.
The client company will thus have dual savings: those generated from “invoice” savings linked to the intervention and those deriving from obtaining the TEEs, which are duly managed by Tholos on the dedicated markets.


Utile Energia Veloce

Additional option of the service of Utile Energia management of Energy Efficiency Certificate.


Clients that have chosen Utile Energia have the option to activate an innovative service of advanced management of TEEs: Utile Energia Veloce.
By virtue of this service, the client immediately has an exchange value for the entire portfolio which the energy efficiency intervention will produce over the years, without running the risk of sales price fluctuations.

Advantages for the client:

  • immediate realisation of wealth that would otherwise be diluted over time
  • immediate liquidity available.

Utile Energia Cassaforte

Additional option of the service of Utile Energia management of Energy Efficiency Certificates. The Cassaforte option is ideal for clients who want to maximise income deriving from their TEE portfolio.
grafico_html_area_utile_energia_cassaforteClients that have chosen Utile Energia have the option of activating an innovative service of advanced TEE management: Utile Energia Cassaforte. This service blocks the entire portfolio of certificates, or part thereof, of the client company for an agreed period of time and established against an increase in the number of TEEs and the economic value agreed. On expiry of the period, the TEEs will be available to the client once again.